Why You Should Have a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page is different to your normal Facebook profile page. You can use your fan page specifically for marketing and driving people to a web page.

It’s definitely worth having one as it can bring in prospects for your business by using either free or paid methods.

Facebook advertising can be an extremely powerful method of getting super-targeted traffic once you’ve gained experience and learned what works for you…and you need a Facebook page to do that.

Tim Chesonis of Automated Wealth Network advises to “take note of Facebook ads you see time and time again, because those are the ones that are profitable”. Wise words!

Facebook Advertising to a Laser Targeted Audience

The reason Facebook advertising is so powerful, is simply because it’s a top social network. Think about it, people use Facebook to present themselves in a very particular way to others and connect with people. So naturally the information these people are giving Facebook is some of the most honest and truest data compared to any other platform in the world.

This is all the data we marketers need to find exactly the right sort of person who’d be interested in our product or service.

Using filters within Facebook advertising, we can reach a very specific laser targeted audience based on their location, interests, demographic and so much more.

We can also “boost” posts meaning we can choose to reach a wider audience for very specific content.

Drive Traffic to Your Site Directly From Facebook

Having a fan page will allow you to include a “sign up” button or “watch video” button at the top of the page which you can point anywhere.

There’s also integrated tracking of page views and web site clicks which is useful for tracking the growth of your Facebook engagement.

How to Create the Facebook Fan Page

Facebook move things around at times, so in our tutorial the “create page” button is towards the top right of the Facebook main screen. If you’re not seeing the same thing, click “home” and look down the left panel for the button.

You then need to decide what category your page is going to be under. Use your initiative but if you’re an affiliate marketer or promoting an MLM or referral program. It’s recommended to just use the “Artist, Brand or Public Figure” category.

This way you can select “business person” from the drop down menu and minimize risk of Facebook coming in and changing your page category for you, for not choosing the recommended category for what you’re promoting (which does happen).

Once the category has been selected, give your page a short description using a focus keyword you’d possibly like to be found under, in search engines (which requires additional SEO depending on competition).

Add a relevant profile picture, preferably a close up of you smiling. “People buy from people” so, unless you’re already a recognized brand, you’ll see best results branding yourself as a person.

Add to Favourites, and again Facebook change the audience section at times so use your initiative if you’re seeing something different to our tutorial. If there’s definitely somewhere you’re wanting to target, drop the pins in the relevant locations and Facebook “will try to show your content in those places”.

Create a call to action, the signup button or watch video button provides the best results in our experience for specifically driving traffic to your site, this will appear just under your page header image.

Using paint.net, you could easily design your own Facebook page cover. Canva is also a very cool resource for creating all sorts of designs for Facebook pages, blog images, Pinterest pins, banners etc.

Recommended dimensions: 851×315

Remember to leave space at the bottom of your image for where the buttons will be seen over the top of the image. Avoid text or anything you want seen along the bottom of your Facebook fan page cover.

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