What Is An Autoresponder And Why Do You Need One?

A good autoresponder is probably the single most important tool you will use as an internet marketer. You’ve probably heard it a million times already (if you haven’t, you WILL)…but “The Money Is In The List”.why you need an autoresponder

One of the main reasons most people get into online marketing in the first place is because of the freedom it can give you – once you’ve set things up to be properly automated you can earn money 24 hours a day, even while you’re asleep, from pretty much anywhere in the world.

What An Autoresponder Can Do:

  • Automatically send out a series of pre-written follow-up emails to any new subscribers to your list, allowing you to give them value, earn their trust and convert those leads into buyers…without you having to write to them individually.
  • Store your subscribers’ names, email addresses and any other information you ask for in your capture forms.
  • Allow you to send one-off broadcasts or newsletters to all your subscribers, or specific groups of subscribers within your list, whenever you like.
  • Allow you to create opt-in forms for your capture pages and track the opt-in rates of your pages.
  • Track open rates and click-through rates for the emails you send out.

What An Autoresponder Can’t Do:

  • what can autoresponders doWash the dishes
  • Give you a hug when you’re feeling down
  • Take the dog for walkies

But the good news is if you build a big enough list and you look after your subscribers well enough via your autoresponder, you’ll be set for life…you can pay someone else to do the housework and walk the dog.

You’ll probably not feel down so often either, but if you do…heck, you can even pay someone to give you a cuddle…if you’re into that sort of thing LOL!

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2 Responses to “What is an Email Autoresponder”

  1. Rosalie

    Thanks for great information. People who have been “out there” in internet marketing often throw around terms, assuming a newbie just knows what they are talking about. You actually go back to basics and explain what simple terms mean.

    • Stark

      Thanks Rosalie, yeah we really tried to strip it down to basics…we know what it’s like to get overloaded with techie terms that don’t make sense! 😉


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