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Here at Stark Training we like to tell it how it is, and we know it can be extremely hard to get started to make money online.

If you don’t have a mentor of some sort from the beginning you need to be lucky enough to be looking in the right place, learning the right things. And learning takes the most amount of mental energy, so make sure you’re not wasting your time doing it.

That is what it’s going to take for you to reach five and six figures a month, LEARNING. The richest man in the world once told a 12 year old boy, quite simply, “the more you learn, the more you earn”.

But you can’t learn all the knowledge in the world before you take any action! Which is what we’ve seen many people try to do. Don’t do that. It’s far better learning small things at a time, then having the conviction to put it into practice… because guess what? This is the most important part of your learning – testing things, checking the results and working to improve them.

Never stop learning. Never stop putting what you’ve learned into practice. Believe in yourself and remove “quit” from your vocabulary. Fair enough, you’ll get disheartened and even angry at times, it’s the nature of working for yourself on the internet…. but never even consider quitting for one second.

It’s only difficult while you’re learning A LOT, which is in the beginning. Learning becomes a lot easier when your understanding of the whole internet marketing world improves, and it will.

So where do we go to learn about making money online while having an opportunity to make money at the same time? The businesses below are the best online systems we know of which will do these two things.

They are hand picked and all have excellent, but very different reasons to join:


Yellow Brick Road (YBR)  Recommendation

Our very own funnel created in Power Lead System, is truly one of the easiest strategies you’ll find online for not only earning online income, but scaling up your online income to huge, life changing levels.

There are people using this Power Lead System/Traffic Monsoon focused strategy, withdrawing more than $1000 per day, putting it straight into their own pockets. The most successful people online, who do NOT own powerhouse web sites getting thousands of daily visitors, use this simple strategy to earn 6 figures a month.

It’s unlike other strategies such as ranking content in search engines, where no one is giving all of their secrets away. With a strategy involving paid traffic, there’s really no reason for anyone to hold any information back.

Our funnel could not be simpler to use. We’ve laid out, in step by step video tutorials, exactly what the strategy involves, how to set up your own funnel with your own affiliate/referral links and get going, growing a staggering revenue stream and online business with unlimited traffic.

(Coming Soon)




FutureNet was established in 2012 and has more than 1.4 million members. Originally an offline business in Poland and now an expanding network marketing company with many ways to earn.


Widely considered one of the most legitimate online businesses of their kind, and offer shares in the company revenue which is an attractive reason to join.


FutureNet share the revenue they generate from their shopping portal, online store, car leasing, online gaming and the many other revenue sources they have with their FutureAdPro users.


FutureAdPro is the advertising platform which rewards it’s users for buying advertising in the form of this revenue share. This platform is the key part of the game plan in our very own sales funnel, Yellow Brick Road.


For every $50 Advertising pack bought in FutureAdPro, that will return $60 over time. So this earning can be leveraged to use for better quality traffic.






Power Lead System (PLS)

A one stop shop for pretty much everything you’re going to need in promoting an offer online, whether it’s your own existing online business, a product you’re an affiliate for, or the Power Lead System itself.

Everything necessary to turn leads into red hot buyers is all under one roof with this multi tool suite.

It offers a vast amount of both outsourced and internal training, in basic and advanced internet marketing, and also how to use the system to build entire custom sales funnels with capture pages, sales pages and email campaigns.

A unique and very valuable feature with PLS is the “share codes” which means it’s possible to create custom sales funnels and share them with others, effectively creating your own system. This creates a need for Power Lead System and is useful for building a huge downline of referrals wanting to use your share code.

PLS has a very attractive compensation plan (payment plan), meaning when you’re a PLS affiliate, you’ll earn $20 monthly residual income for everyone on your payline, as well as $100 and $400 commissions from any sales you make of the “Free Ad Secrets” and “Social Profit Academy” products if you also own them yourself.

The comp plan is unique because you’ll get a 50% match bonus on every single person you refer, whether they’re passed up to your sponsor or not. Therefore you never really lose a single person, unlike other compensation plans out there. Payouts are every Wednesday.

Power Lead System is a huge, comprehensive system which is used by many – the Facebook support group alone has over 20,000 members.

Automated Wealth Network

(Coming Soon)



BitClub Network

Bitclub Network is a network marketing company for earning the worlds biggest and most exciting digital currency – Bitcoin.


Bitcoin was created in 2009 and is based on a mathematical formula. Meaning there will only be a select number of bitcoins to exist – 21 million. And computers all over the world are set up to “mine” these bitcoins by solving mathematical problems. When the mathematical problem has been solved by, usually “pools” of computers, a new bitcoin is generated.


If this sounds confusing to you, don’t worry, it sounds confusing to us as well. But you just need to scroll down an internet marketers facebook feed to see how much of a big deal bitcoin really is. It’s becoming an accepted currency in more and more countries each month and it’s value has absolutely rocketed over the last few years.


Most digital currency experts believe bitcoin will one day be worth more than $100,000 at the very least. Which is why it’s very popular and why you’d be mad not to want to mine bitcoin yourself.


With Bitclub Network, you can buy a position for $99 then you must buy one of the mining pools to start mining bitcoin. The pools are wither $500, $1k or $2k. Mining bitcoin as part of a “pool” will release a small portion of bitcoin into your account every day. And remember the value of bitcoin has been constantly rising since 2009! This means your bitcoin is becoming more valuable over time.



Exitus Elite

Probably the fastest way to make 5 figures per month online for someone without advanced internet marketing or SEO knowledge. Exitus Elite pays instant member to member commissions of $1000 (or lower $100 commissions too)


The feeling you get when you see in your email inbox that you just made an instant $1000 commission is quite extraordinary.


Exitus Elite provides the platform for this to happen many times per month! Giving the re-selling rights to it’s hosted digital marketing and personal development products to those that join the platform. This company has made us more money in a short space of time than any other platform we were a part of.


AND…..if you join our team, you’ll also get the millionaire mentoring training for FREE as part of the “Black Ops Team” which is normally sold for $10,000.

Membership fee is $99/3 months then there’s the one time cost of the product for unlimited 100% commissions. Total no brainer.


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