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Installing Extra Effects Plugin


Once you’ve become confident in the fundamentals of, you might want to branch out and give yourself some more options, in terms of effects available. plugin installationInstalling the Extra Effects Plugin

You’ll need to find a place to download an effects pack, and make sure you download both the “effects” file as well as the “filetypes” file, so can actually read the effects file and you’re additional effects are successfully added to your drop down menus.

You’re going to need some sort of software to unzip the download, most computers nowadays have built-in software to unzip .zip and .rar files.

As shown in the tutorial, simply extract the compressed files inside the downloaded zip file to the necessary file directory using drag and drop.

The destinations for the downloads should be:


This PC>C:>Program Files>>Effects

File Types:

This PC>C:>Program Files>>File Types

Using Plugins

After installing the effects pack, you’ll find your software runs a bit slower, mainly when hovering over the drop down menus at the top. This makes sense, since your computer will have more information to load every time you use the menus.

One of our most used effects which comes from a plugin is the drop shadow effect. This effect makes it much easier to add shadows to text and objects, usually giving the image more presence.

The drop shadow effect is included in the effects pack. However, if you’d like to maintain the speed of your, possibly having a slow computer to begin with…. download the drop down shadow separately here.

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