Youtube Playlist Optimization

Creating a new playlist in Youtube which is designed to contain only one video can give the video a little push in the search engine results. After all, it’s further on page optimization that ultimately gives more information to the search engines on what your video is about.

Obviously this is only one small thing that can be done in addition to many others to get above your competition in those all important SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Creating the Optimized Playlist

Log in to your Youtube dashboard and go to “video manager” and you’ll see the “playlists” menu on the left panel. Create a new playlist here and be sure to use your focus keyword as the playlist title. If you’re following our Jack & Rank course, “keyword review” is a good shout for your review video.

Then “add videos” to your playlist using the button then the “Your YouTube videos” tab. It’s worth mentioning that playlists can also influence Youtube’s “Suggested Videos” at the end if your videos in the playlist use a lot of the same keywords.

Once your videos are added, make sure you add a description for your playlist using your focus keyword a couple of times.

This is also an opportunity to add your URL of the video you’re wanting to rank. The description is one of the main reasons for creating an optimized playlist: to give yourself every opportunity to tell search engines what your videos are about.

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