Why You Need To Clean Your Autoresponder List

As you’re building up your list, no matter how well you do it you’ll inevitably have some people unsubscribe or even give fake email addresses when they subscribe in the first place.

There will also be people who sign up to your list but then never open any of your emails – shit happens…!

No big deal though, just make sure to keep your list tidy by regularly deleting any contacts you don’t need.

TIP – if you want to keep a backup of any Unsubscribes, you can export them as a CSV file before deleting them. Even if you’re not going to email them again, having their details can come in handy – for example, you could use them to create Custom Audiences in Facebook and still be able to market to them without actually emailing them.

Regularly deleting any unwanted contacts from your list will not only save you money but will also help you keep your email delivery rates up.

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