Automated Social Bookmarks and Backlinks with Onlywire and Social Monkee

If you want more social bookmarks, embeds and backlinks to give your video an extra boost and you’re willing to pay a little, these two resources are pretty cool – both very affordable and can save you a lot of time.

Onlywire – Social Media Auto-Submission

onlywire social bookmark automationWith Onlywire you can automatically submit your link to numerous social media accounts with a single click.

You’ll need to manually set up all of your social media accounts first but once you’ve done that, this can be a huge time saver.

Onlywire’s pricing starts at $5/month.


Social Monkee – Automated Backlink Builder

social monkee automated backlinksDepending on the type of account you have, you can submit 1-3 URLs per day to Social Monkee, along with a short title and description written in spintax, and they will then submit your URL to numerous sites to provide extra backlinks to your page.

Social Monkee have accounts starting at $7 (one-time payment).

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