How To Optimize MP4 Video Files For SEO

Now that you’ve got your YouTube channel set up properly, you’ve got your own domain and you’ve recorded your review video, it’s nearly time to upload your video to YouTube.

But first, before uploading anything, there’s one pretty cool Ninja SEO techniquesninja SEO technique you can use to improve your video ranking.

By now, you’ll have recorded your review video and saved it to your hard drive as an MP4 video file…

Locate that file, right click on it, then select “Properties” from the drop-down menu. The box that pops up will have 3 tabs: “General”, “Security” and “Details”.

At the top of the “General” tab is the name of the file, which you can edit. Here you want to make sure that the main keyword you want to rank for (the name of the product you’ve reviewed) appears at least once or twice.

E.g. “Product X – Product X Review”

Once you’ve named your file, go to the “Details” tab where you’ll see the following sections:

  • Title: insert your main keyword here.
  • Subtitle: insert a variation of your main keyword here
  • Rating: give yourself a 5 star rating!
  • Tags: insert all of your keyword phrases here, e.g. Product X, Product X review, Product X system, is Product X a scam, is Product X legit, Product X testimonial, Product X bonus, Product X discount” etc.
  • Comments: here you can also insert your keyword and any variations of it.

Once you’ve finished, click “OK” – your video file is now ready to upload!

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