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One of the quickest, easiest ways to get traffic and leads is to do reviews about products that your target audience wants to know more about and then post them on YouTube…

In the internet marketing/make money online “niche” there are new products being launched literally everysingleday.

A lot of these products are promoted heavily by affiliate marketers, especially for the first few weeks after they launch, which means thousands of people end up searching for reviews to find out if the products they’re getting all those emails about are worth buying…launch jackingCreating honest reviews of these products and uploading them to YouTube, around the time of the launch date (ideally a few days before), can result in your videos being seen by a lot of these people.

By taking the opportunity to also mention your own business in your review videos, you’ll find that a lot of that audience will also check out what you’ve got to offer as well…

In other words – free, highly targeted traffic.

Internet Marketing Product Launch/JV Calendars

These are a few sites that have launch calendars you can use to identify products to review:

These resources also let you contact the product creators – so if you want to try out a product before you review it, you can often get the creator to give you a free trial version for a few days if you ask nicely 🙂

Remember – the more marketers there are promoting a product, and the more buzz or hype there is around that product, the more people are likely to end up searching for information about it.

That means more people checking out YOUR video if you get it to rank in the search engines when people are looking for reviews…

One really cool feature of is that it also shows how many unique clicks the JV (Joint Venture) page for each product has received – in other words, how many affiliate marketers have looked at the product’s JV page and are potentially interested in promoting it. 

Products listed as “hot” have received at least 100 unique clicks.

The more unique clicks, the better – 100 or more is good, 300 or more is ideal.

Joining Other Marketers’ Mailing Lists

When you’re checking out the various products being launched and looking at the main sales page, you can also enter your own name and email address into the sales page.

NOTE: you’ll probably want to create a separate email account for this, instead of using your main email address, as you can expect to receive a fair bit of spam!

This will add you to the mailing lists of the marketers launching the products.

By subscribing to as many other marketers’ lists as possible, you’ll soon start getting emails from them about all the other products they’re promoting as well…an awesome way to keep your finger on the pulse

join other marketers mailing lists

Not all product launches are announced on JV sites, so this is another great way to find out about products that are coming out.

It’s also an excellent way to gauge how heavily products are being promoted – if you receive 10 emails one day from different marketers, all about the same product, you can be pretty sure that a lot of people will be looking for information about that product…that means a lot of people who might be interested in your business as well if they watch your review!

Later on in this Jack and Rank course we’ll show you how to make sure your videos get seen by getting them ranked at the top of the search engines but for now, in the next video, we’ll be looking at a couple of resources you can use to actually put your video together.

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