How To Use YouTube Annotations

If your YouTube channel has a verified domain associated to it (covered earlier in this course), you can use YouTube Annotations to add clickable links inside your video to take people to your main site.

how to use youtube annotationsJust click on the “Annotations” tab above the preview screen in
the YouTube Video Editor and then select the type of Annotation you want (Speech Bubble, Note, Title, Spotlight or Label).

You can then choose where you want it placed on the screen, when you want it to appear and for how long, what you want the annotation to say and where you want it to link to (i.e. your domain).

Adding Annotations to your videos is a very powerful way to improve your videos’ conversion rates and increase the number of visitors to your site, since viewers just need to click on the video while they’re watching it, rather than having to go looking for your link in the Description box

Plus they look pretty cool 🙂

It’s a lot easier to show stuff like this than to try and explain it in writing…so make sure to watch the video above to see how it’s done!

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