YouTube Channel Authority

Building a channel with high authority is a great way to both improve the ranking of your videos and protect your channel at the same time.

Two major factors that affect your channel authority are:

  • The number of videos on your channel.
  • The number of people subscribed to your channel.

It’s obvious how you increase the number of videos on your channel – just post more videos!

So here are a couple of tips on how to increase the number of subscribers to your channel…

How To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Posting useful, engaging content that’s relevant to your target audience is the #1 most important factor in getting people to subscribe.

Still, even with the best videos in the world, it always helps to give people a nudge in the right direction…basically just ask them to subscribe:

  • At the end of your video, tell people to subscribe to your channel if they liked your video.
  • Include a watermark or annotation in your video, that people can click to subscribe.

How To Add Watermarks To YouTube Videos

how to add watermarks to youtube videosIn your Channel settings you’ll find a tab called “Branding” where you can upload a small transparent image that will appear on all of the videos in your channel.

You can choose when, where and how long this image will appear in your videos and anyone clicking it will automatically become a subscriber (watch the video above for a walk-through).

You can also add a clickable annotation – a Note or a Speech Bubble – and set it to point to your subscribe page setting the Link to the “Subscribe” option and putting your channel ID code into the box as shown in the video above.

Another way to do it, which definitely looks cooler, is if you add your own Subscribe button image to your video with whatever video editing software you’re using, and then use the Highlight annotation.

Just position it over your Subscribe button and, again, point it to your subscribe page.

Just remember – making it as easy as possible for people to subscribe makes a BIG difference…

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