Protecting Your YouTube Channel

When you’re building up your online presence your YouTube channel is one of your biggest assets, helping you to build your brand and driving traffic to your business…
protect your youtube channelIt’s your “baby”…and you need to protect it!

  • Do whatever you can to avoid getting any strikes against your account in the first place.
  • If you ever do get a strike against your account, make sure to appeal it.

What To Do If Your YouTube Channel Gets A Strike Against It

If you’ve received a strike against your account, you’ll usually get a message from YouTube telling you that one or more of your videos have breached their terms of service and that your channel or your whole account has been penalized.

Usually they’ll give you the option to appeal…so make sure you do – the video above gives a walk-through of how you can do this.

The ideal obviously is to not get strikes against your account in the first place…!

How To Avoid Getting YouTube Strikes

If you’re doing a lot of “launch jacking” and review videos, having a fully fleshed-out channel that also includes higher value content (training videos, tutorials…anything that shows you’re giving something useful to the YouTube community) will make a big difference in helping your channel avoid getting any serious penalties or strikes.

  • Fill out your YouTube channel description and upload a picture to represent your channel (“Channel Art”).
  • Add a channel intro video for any new visitors to your channel.
  • Set up playlists within your channel and place your higher value content at the top so it’s the first thing people see.
  • If you’re mainly using your channel to post review videos, remove the “Most Recently Uploaded” section from your channel.

cultivating trust onlineDoing all these things will not just help protect your channel but also help you attract more subscribers, strengthen your “brand” and build a loyal following, which all makes a big difference in both growing an authority channel and in improving your conversion rates.

Remember – people buy from people that they know, like and trust…

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