IBOTube Video Embeds

Embedding your YouTube videos on IBOTube will not only get your videos seen by the IBOToolbox community but also give your YouTube video a nice quick boost in the search engine rankings thanks to the IBO site’s high authority.

Just create your free IBOTube account via the IBOToolbox main menu, paste your YouTube video URL into the relevant field, click the “Fetch Info” button and this will then pull your video from YouTube, including the Description.

NOTEIBOTube’s Description box doesn’t allow as many characters as YouTube’s, so you may need to shorten it for this. Just make sure that the longtail YouTube URL for your video is still included at the bottom of the Description in IBOTube. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about here, this is all explained in our featured Jack & Rank course.

Then all you need to do is input your main keyword phrases into the Tags field, set the Privacy option to “Public” and then click the Submit button.

The whole process literally just 1 minute or less, but has a definite effect on your videos’ ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), especially for low competition keywords, so absolutely worth doing.

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