How To Use Images as Ads in Your Free WordPress Blog

The free WordPress blogging platform ( has some restrictions in functionality, such as adding plugins, opt in forms and basically reading any HTML or Javascript.

This is obviously to encourage people to use the self hosted version of Wordress ( in which you’d need a domain and hosting account attached to it.

Although they say you are not allowed to use “ads” with the free WordPress blog, it’s still possible to make images clickable and place them in the sidebar.

This is great for sending people to an affiliate offer relevant to your blog or post.

Hosting an Image to Use as an Ad

First of all you can either design and create your own image using a free tool such as, or use an existing online image.

Every image online has its own unique image URL – as soon as you upload an image anywhere online, the image is given a URL. You’re going to need the image URL of the image you’re wanting to use as the ad.

Usually when the image is displayed on a web page, it’s simply a case of right clicking on it, then selecting the “Copy Image URL” option in the drop-down menu.

Image URL example

If you need to upload the image first, it can easily be uploaded to your Google Plus account or, better yet, onto the WordPress server.

Go to the “media” tab on the left, inside your WordPress blog’s control panel, and upload the image.

The image URL is then displayed after it’s been uploaded.

Either way, once you’ve copied it, go to your “Widgets” section under the “Appearance” tab. Here you’ll have a selection of the widgets you can use in the free version, one of them being an image.

Drag the image widget over into your desired sidebar and paste the URL into the necessary box.

The “link URL” is also where you choose to send people to when the image is clicked, great for Youtube channels, affiliate offers, referral links etc…a simple method to monetize your free WordPress blog!

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