How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest, being an image sharing social network, is worth setting up an account with because there’s a very simple strategy for driving traffic: simply gain followers and pin often!

Set up a free account, include a profile picture and your web site address and make your niche (area of marketing) obvious to maximize potential followers interested in the same thing.

Gaining followers on Pinterest is actually quite simple, just search for your target niche (make money online, weight loss, etc) and go to the “pinners” tab.

Here you’ll be faced with all the pinners related to your niche and target audience, simply find the pinners with a large amount of followers (as these are the guys clearly interested in your niche) and follow them one by one.

Time saving tip: zoom out so you can see more results on the page at once, this makes it quicker to follow each person.

Following these people will result in a percentage of them following you back when they see you’re in the same niche.

Pinterest allows about 300 new follows per day, so it’s recommended to do this for a full month for best results.

It only takes between 5 and ten minutes and after a month you’ll be following almost 10,000 people, with many of them following you in return…

The follow-back rate can vary. If you’re in the “make money online” space, MLM/Network Marketing related followers have shown to have a higher follow-back rate than other “make money online” keywords.

After a while you’ll not need to follow anyone any more and you’ll get new followers organically every day.

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