How to Find Permalinks in Tumblr

We decided to put this post together purely because of the apparent lack of information online on where to find the permalink in Tumblr. Even though Tumblr are making it easier to find where to place links in the dashboard, the specific link to any individual post can be difficult to find.

Finding a post’s permalink (also known as a slug) varies from theme to theme.

One thing you need to know is your actual Tumblr blog that other people find in the search engines is a different URL to what you’re seeing in your Tumblr dashboard when you’re creating a post.

And your Tumblr blog that shows up in search engine results pages (SERPS), is where you need to go…

Typically, the web address will be – obviously replacing the relevant information.

Once you’re here, simply scroll and find the post you’re looking for and, depending on the theme, you’ll see a button for the direct link to that specific post.

Keep your eye on the address bar in your web browser for the URL to that individual post.

What is the Permalink Useful For?

Permalinks are useful because it’s these individual pages that show up in search results when people are organically searching in search engines. The whole point of adding content to your blog is initially so people see it… so you want to do everything you can to make that happen.

Search Engine Optimization works for ranking it in those search engines, but if the page hasn’t even been indexed, no one is going to find it.

Just because you created a post, that does not mean it magically appears in Google.

True, most blog posts will be indexed over time, especially if you have plenty of content on the blog… but search engines are sporadic…meaning sometimes they just don’t seem to index your pages.

Pinging or submitting directly to Google is our recommended method of giving yourself the best chance your posts are at least there to be seen.

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