How to Properly Embed Youtube Videos

A video embed has a few benefits, namely more views and ranking in the search engines.

Obviously the more places you embed your video the more views you’re likely to get, especially if you’re embedding on an active blog which gets daily page views.

And research has proven video embeds are probably the most effective method of ranking a video in Youtube and Google. Obviously you want to mix up backlinks and video embeds where you can, but we’d recommend leaning towards more embeds.

Now most blogs such as Blogger or WordPress offer an “add media” button which makes it quick and easy to drop in a video.

Here at Stark Training Zone we have a lot of experience in video marketing and have found the results are much better when the video is embedded using the proper embed code from Youtube.

How to Embed The Video

When on Youtube, underneath the video player of the video you’re wanting to embed hit the “share” button and you’ll then have more options, one of them being “embed”.

In the embed tab, you’ll see the embed code based on the video’s default settings, so if you’d like to change the size of the video to fit nicely on the page use the “show more” button which will reveal all of the customizations possible within the video embed itself.

When you change the settings here, the embed code changes automatically.

There are also tools online handy for generating embed codes with additional settings such as autoplay.

As mentioned above, for best results we’d recommend embedding using the code and not simply pressing the “add media” button if your goal for embedding is to help rank the video in the search engines.

In IBO Toolbox, which has domain authority and is useful for helping rank videos, create a free press release, go to “Tools” and paste the code into the “Source Code” box when in the press release editor.

In blogs such as WordPress, make sure you paste the embed code into the HTML tab to properly embed it – all blogs have an HTML editor.

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