How To Add Opt In Forms To Blogger


Why You Should Have An Opt In Form On Your Blog

Adding an opt in form to your blogger is definitely worth doing, especially if you’re putting out regular content on the blog, which generally increases your audience and page views over time.

Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google, which makes it easy to insert Youtube videos and Google Plus content into your blog. The pages are also often easy to rank on page one in Google depending on your competition and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We’d strongly recommend having a Blogger account and regularly adding content, the analytics tools and Google integration make the platform a good source of traffic as you provide more content and value in your niche.

If you’re tracking conversions, expect it to be low compared to a capture page. Even a 5% opt in rate on a blog’s opt in form is considered high, given the amount of traffic some blogs can get.

How To Add The Form

Adding the form will require copying and pasting the opt in forms code, whether that’s HTML or Javascript. Even though the HTML code is selected in the video above, the Javascript code will usually update the opt-in form on the page it sits on just by making changes in the form builder/creator.

In this example, we’ve used Aweber to create the form.

Aweber has a fairly simple to use form creator with a lot of templates useful for blog sized opt-in forms in the sidebar.

It’s recommended to create a new form or copy an existing one you already have, and name it “blogger form” or something relevant to where you’re using the form.

This means you’ll be able to simply log in to your autoresponder’s dashboard and track your opt in conversions across the various places you’re sending traffic to your opt in forms.

This is useful if your traffic is coming from multiple places such as web sites, blogs, Facebook, Youtube etc.

Adding the form in Blogger is easy enough – simply log in to your dashboard as shown in the video, click on the name of your blog and this will bring up the control panel. Choosing “layout” will present a page with boxes representing the items on your blog pages.

Simply click “add a gadget”, then copy and paste the code from your web form builder into an HTML/Javascript gadget.

Remember this method will not work with a free WordPress blog because the free version does not read the code to display the opt in form correctly, whereas Blogger does!

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