Using Hand Drawn Signatures in Marketing Emails

Have you ever heard anyone say “email marketing is dead”?

Well it’s certainly a lot more difficult than it used to be – I’m sure you’re fully aware there’s a lot of competition from other email marketers out there, a lot of them being complete spam artists shoving out affiliate links with no intentions of providing value or helping anyone.

So because people these days are aware they have to be careful where to put their cash, with overpriced products and flat out scams plaguing the internet, you have to do everything you possibly can to differentiate yourself from the crowd and become as memorable as possible.

If a prospect is thinking about joining you in business or buying a product from you, it will take them an average of 7 times before they make a final decision.

Because of this natural human progression, you need to make sure to do everything you can to form a subconscious familiarization with your readers in the type of emails you send out and what people can expect from you.

A hand drawn signature at the bottom of all of your emails will help consistency and plant that seed.

Editing the Image for Email Compatibility

You’ll need either a scanner or a camera phone to literally take a picture of your hand drawn signature, and remember you’re trying to be memorable so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

Send it, or save it to your computer’s hard drive and open the image in an image editing tool such as

With a couple of quick adjustments using the brightness, contrast and auto level, the hand drawn signature will be much more visible and easy on the eye in your emails.

Also, using the magic wand in, it’s useful to make the background of your signature transparent for email purposes. Remember to save the image as a .PNG file when using transparency.

Save the Signature in a Template

In our tutorial, we use an Aweber autoresponder, in which it would be a good idea to create a blank email with the signature and personal info at the bottom, and save it as a template so every time you begin writing an email, the hand drawn signature and website/contact details are automatically populated.

If you’re just using a free email client, look for your email settings to set a default message with the hand drawn signature included. The whole point is to stand out from the crowd so make things easy for yourself and set a template where you can – almost all email providers have this function.

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