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A lot of people begin with free marketing methods when they’re just starting out online, often because they don’t have a lot of money to buy traffic in the beginning.

There are some great ways to get free traffic and start building your list, but remember…free traffic methods may not cost any money but they do take time to implement and are generally much slower to generate an income from than paid traffic methods, which can get you almost instant results and allow you to scale up easily.

That being said, here at STARK we both started out using nothing but free internet marketing strategies and still use them a lot.

There are plenty of ways to get free traffic, which you can check out via the menu on the right.

free vs paid traffic methodsYou’ll notice that we’ve not included things like classified ads, traffic exchanges and “safelists” (basically thousands of people all agreeing to get spam emails from each other). Although a lot of beginners use these sorts of methods, in our experience the results are generally pretty crap…and if you’re going to invest your valuable time into getting free traffic, at least spend that time wisely!

Whether you’re using social media, videos or blogs to market your business, the most effective strategies involve targeting the right audience and then drawing them in.

Rather than just spamming your links everywhere and hoping that people will click on them, getting people’s attention and earning their trust first makes all the difference…

The actual content that you out out there is up to you, but some of the things that work great include:

  • knowledge is powerTips & Training that you’ve picked up – no matter how little you might think you know, there will always be something useful you know that other people don’t.

Keep learning new things every day, applying them and then teaching them, whatever medium you’re using (blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook etc).

By passing that knowledge on, you position yourself as an authority and earn people’s trust, making them far more likely to buy from you or join your business…

  • Motivational & Personal Development content – this is kind of like a subcategory of “tips and training” but focused more on inspiring people and helping them make positive changes to their attitudes and lives as a whole.

Again, the more books you read on the subject, the more you’ll be able to pass on and teach to others. There are a TON of amazing books out there by guys like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill and Tim Ferriss to name just a few…

  • Results – if you’re literally just starting out and don’t have any results yet, you can even use other people’s results – just don’t claim them as your own if they’re not!!

This can be income proof or any kind of results, just make sure to keep posting regular updates on your progress. If you’re consistent with this, people will start to take notice.

  • Personal Engagement – especially if you’re using social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Google , Twitter, Instagram etc, you can reach out to people individually and engage with them.

This method takes a bit more time but that personal touch can pay off – they key with this approach is to offer help, advice or something else of value to these people before mentioning your business…

  • 3D Box Partial Transaprent ShadowReviews – whatever niche you’re in, people are always looking for online reviews of products related to that niche.

By reviewing these products yourself you’re effectively putting yourself right in front of your target audience and getting their attention.

Provide a useful review and you also gain their trust. This is a method we’ve used with enormous success and is the focus of our featured Jack & Rank video marketing course.

Although it can also be used to great effect in blogs, Jack and Rank concentrates on using YouTube videos as they are much easier to rank in the search engines.

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