Getting The Most Out Of Your Autoresponder

Bearing in mind it takes people an average of 7 times of viewing an offer before taking action, you need to make sure your subscribers actually getting your messages in the first place and opening them…

This video shows you some of the things you can do to get better email deliverability and open rates, as well as a few tips to help you save time when you’re writing your emails.

How To Improve Email Deliverability

There’s a whole bunch of reasons your opt-ins might not get your emails…

optimize email deliverability ratesFirst off, if you’re using a crappy low budget autoresponder that has a low deliverability rate, you’re wasting your time – you might think you’re saving money but you’re really not…you’re just throwing money down the drain.

If you’re sending out emails in bulk, you need to be using a decent autoresponder with a good deliverability rate, i.e. emails actually get sent to your subscribers’ inbox instead of their Junk/Spam folder, or not being delivered at all…

OK…so assuming you’re using a decent autoresponder like AWeber or GetResponse, there’s still a few things you should bear in mind to optimize your deliverability rates:

  • Set the “from” email address in your autoresponder to a paid personal email account. Instead of using a free Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook or AOL account for example, buy your own domain and get an email address with it. It’s not expensive and will pay off, since it will improve your deliverability rate. If you really feel you must use a free account, go with Gmail to begin with and buy your own domain with an associated email account as soon as you can. This video explains some of the other reasons why you need to have your own domain.
  • Attachments, images, bold fonts, capital letters…even using certain words in your email subject headers and content…can all raise your “Spam Score” – the higher your spam score, the less likely your email will be delivered.
  • Avoiding words like “free”, “guaranteed” and anything that could even remotely be considered as spammy will get your emails delivered to more of your subscribers. If you Google “spam trigger words” or anything like that, you’ll get a good idea of the sort of thing you need to avoid…!
  • If you want to put a video in your email…rather than just embedding the video itself inside the email, you’ll usually get a better delivery rate if you just put a link to the video instead. If you want it to look like the video is inside the email, just put an image linking to an external video (e.g. a YouTube video).

This may change in future but, as of late 2015/early 2016, that’s what we’re finding at the moment…

How To Improve Email Open Rates

improve email open ratesAs you’re building your list, you’ll soon realize that not everyone you’re writing to will open all your emails…
People get bombarded every day with marketing messages, especially in the Make Money Online niche, so the key is to set yourself apart from the crowd, offer people value and be consistent.

If people remember you, like you and trust you, and you’re consistent with the value you’re giving them and how often you’re writing to them, they’ll start to look forward to receiving your emails and you’ll get much better open rates.

You’ll also get better conversion rates and sales.

Ideally you want to be getting open rates of at least 40% on the first email of a follow-up series and an absolute minimum of 20% on any emails after that:

  • Grab people’s attention with your Subject line and test to see which ones work best.
  • Inject your personality into your Subject headers and the body of your emails – you’re unique so letting people get to know you will automatically help set you apart from all the other marketers out there.
  • Send people useful and/or engaging content rather than constantly just trying to sell to them all the time.
  • Stay in regular contact with your subscribers – whether you’re emailing them once a day or just once a week…just be consistent!
  • Avoid sending emails during normal work hours. With AWeber you can set emails to be sent according to the local time of the people who are receiving them. If people are getting your emails first thing in the morning or early evening they’re much more likely to open them.

TIP – It’s also worth bearing in mind that open rates tend to be lower on weekends, when most people are just chilling out rather than opening emails…

Set Up Email Templates In AWeber To Save Time

time saving autoresponder tipsIf you’re staying in regular contact with your list as you should be, you don’t want to have to keep adding your signature, photo, logo, website details and social buttons separately each time.

Just create a new template in AWeber’s Email Template Manager and you can use it for every email you send out. This will save you a huge amount of time in the long run…and help reinforce your brand at the same time.

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