Using AWeber To Create Mailing Lists And Lead Capture Forms

This video shows how to set up a new mailing list in AWeber and how to create your own custom lead capture forms using AWeber’s Signup Forms feature which you can then place on your blogs and promote across social media etc.

Creating A New List In AWeber

As you’ve seen in the video, setting up a new list with AWeber only takes a couple of minutes but there are a couple of points you need to bear in mind while you’re doing it:

The Name You Give Your AWeber List

Although you’re usually the only person who’s going to see your list name, make sure to choose something that makes sense to you, so you know exactly what it’s for.

Over time, you’re probably going to end up having a bunch of different lists for different things you’re promoting, and seriously…you don’t want to get them mixed up!

rock climberFor example, if you had one niche where you sold products to rock climbers and another niche selling mobility lifts, you’d keep two separate mailing lists for them…a die-hard mountain climber probably won’t be interested in getting emails from you about machines that can help you get up and down the stairs…aweber list segregation

Same thing goes if you’re promoting two completely different online business opportunities…although there might be times when you’ve got something to say that’s relevant to all of your subscribers, keeping separate lists for each business will allow you to choose what goes to who. 

Single Opt-In vs Double Opt-In

Whether you disable the double opt-in requirement for new subscribers to your list or not is up to you – it really depends on what you’re using that list for and what you’re offering people in return for opting in.

If you keep the double opt-in option active it means people not only have to enter their details into your capture page but also click a link in a confirmation email in order to subscribe.

single or double opt-inThis will usually reduce the number of opt-ins you get, but the advantage is that it will also improve your retention rates, i.e. you’ll get fewer people unsubscribing or labeling your emails as spam/junk further down the line.

If you’re offering people a free download, report or anything useful in return for them opting in to your list, and plan to follow up with valuable content in your emails in order to build up a long-term relationship, using a double opt-in definitely has its advantages.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to get as many people as possible into your business opportunity, it’s often more effective to just use a single opt-in and then follow up regularly to send them back to your offer as well as give them value content as well wherever you can.

Creating Lead Capture Forms With AWeber

split testing with aweber opt-in formsOne of the cool things about using AWeber’s signup forms is they allow you to track opt-in rates (the number of people who see the form vs the number of people who actually subscribe).

By creating AWeber sign-up forms and embedding them in your capture pages, you can see which traffic sources and which capture pages are converting best for you.

As a marketer you want to make sure that every stage of your sales funnels converts at the highest possible rate, which means constantly tweaking and optimizing each element…and to do that, you need to be able to track your results.

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